A natural and ideal treatment for both pre and post pregnancy.


Regular Reflexology treatments help to balance the mind, body and spirit, regulate the periods and de-stress you, placing you in the best situation for conception.


During the first trimester there is no reason for not having treatments, as long as you have a trouble free pregnancy and do not have any history of miscarriages. Very gentle treatments are giving, avoiding specific areas on the foot. Monthly relaxing treatments are ideal. A full medical consultation will be taken before treatments commence and any concerns discussed.

During the second trimester any feelings of sickness should have gone and a feeling of well being should be experienced. Reflexology treatments are much appreciated at this time, dealing with any minor ailments and tiredness. Monthly treatments are ideal at this time.

The third and final trimester, ideally you will be having shorter weekly treatments to help ease any discomfort of the growing baby inside you, relaxing you for the forthcoming birth.


New mothers are very busy, but often appreciate an hours worth of treatment when possible, this helps to relax and balance the body, getting it back to its pre pregnancy state.


The Muscularskeletal system carries the greatest burden during pregnancy, this is due to increased weight gain, this can cause problems with posture affecting the nerves, muscles and the joints, around 75% of women will suffer from back pain at some time during their pregnancy.

Most therapists prefer not to massage until after the first trimester, at the beginning of the second trimester, and only if there is no history of miscarriage or unstable pregnancy, as with all treatments, a full medical history will be taken beforehand and any concerns discussed.

Massage during pregnancy can be very beneficial, even though a lighter treatment is given. As the pregnancy progresses, it is advisable for the client to lay on their side with a pillow for support, in this position the client can be very comfortably massaged.

As with Reflexology, monthly treatments are ideal until the third trimester, after which it would be beneficial to have short weekly treatments to help aid and decrease back pain caused by the evolving baby.

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